About Us

Shaun, CCEMT-P

Shaun has been working in the EMS field for over 12 years. He is a Critical Care Paramedic doing interfacility and intercepts in Central Wisconsin. He is also an ACLS Training Coordinator in Milwaukee, WI. He has worked for the local volunteer fire department as a firefighter and EMT-I99. Shaun has been teaching for the American Heart Association for approximately 7 years. He has a college background in Biology and Chemistry. Shaun enjoys teaching in an open classroom and feels the best way to learn is to not be afraid to ask questions.


Dan have been in EMS for about 10 years. Currently, He is a Critical Care Paramedic and the Vice President of Operations for an ambulance provider in Milwaukee. He has been an American Heart Association Instructor for just over 7 years. It is his opinion everyone should have some type of CPR training. You never know when you may be called on to help save someone's life.